Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogpost #11 Breakup Letter

Break-Up Letter
Antonio Rodriguez and Alejandro Camargo

    In the course of a lifetime as a worker you will face lots of obstacles. For some people political problems, for others social problems. But for us, is the lack of freedom in our job. A study shows that at a first year of a career, 20% of the people quit their jobs. Due to lack of freedom,  to much work, they expect better and more reasonable work conditions and salary or, you simply think it's not working for you. But more precisely when you feel your natural rights have been violated. We have felt that the board of this company has violated various time our natural rights. That is why we are writing this letter.

          We have known that all men are created equal and shouldn't be treated as anything else. Everybody has the unalienable rights, that include, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Whenever the directors violate any of the rights mentioned above, something must be changed. It is up to the workers to try and change the working conditions. But people tend to put up with the bad directives rather than trying to change it or do something.

             We have had a lot of patience but the time in this company is not really the best. We have waited and waited but the conditions have never been good enough to think about this decision a second time. This are some of the specifications of what we think should be changed.

  • The work conditions have to change.
  • They have refused to listen to us even when it's necessary for the public good.
  • Things we plan have to pass a very long process for them to become reality (if they even do).
  • They have reunited to help us pass through this situation but nothing ever comes out of it.
  • They have acted against us when we try to complaint about our situation.
  • They don't follow real world facts and think that what they are doing is always correct (even when it's not).
  • They don't treat us well when we are new and make a stupid mistake.
  • They called you every day to make sure you were at home violating our privacy.
  • They are using people from the outside to go against us and make us loose things.
  • We have tried to complaint but we still get no answer.
  • They don't only treat us the employees badly but everyone they talk to.
  • They invade our territory and free time by making us work ridiculous amounts of hours.
  • They fired some of us for the sole reason of committing a dumb mistake.
          In every step in our trajectory in this company we have asked for some of the terms to be changed. But our repeated petitions have been only answered by repeated injury. A board that may fit the perfect definition for a tyrant should be immediately replaced by one who will work for everyone.

Resolution of Separation:
           We therefore, Antonio and Alejandro have decided to quit this job. We have had times when we were sad and alone but the company was always there to support us. But for us as workers we will have a much better life out of the company. Some things like losing friends and having to start again will be hard. But we will maybe have the freedom we always wanted and a job that we enjoy working in. We Antonio Rodriguez and Alejandro Camargo would like to solemnly publish and declare that we are quitting this job, and breaking up all of our relationships with it peacefully.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Blogpost #10 Slavery Open Ended Questions

Slavery Documentary Open Ended Questions

1. Did the Europeans think about the slaves and what they were 

   2. What was the real difference between the slaves and the servants?

  3. Didn't people need to work instead of slaves? Did the slaves took their jobs?

 4.  Couldn't the slave owners give them better conditions to live in?

 5. Why did they do to slaves if they didn't do their job or planned an attack against their owner?   

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blogpost #8 The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Lost Colony of Roanoke

      After reading the article and doing some thinking I realized that the best theory for how the colony disappeared is that the settlers blended in with the Native Americans of that region the Croatoans. Because  of several reasons. First of all when the English came back to Roanoke they only found the word "CROATOAN" (the tribes name) carved on a tree in perfect english. This probably meat that they blended in with the Croatoan's. Also when they arrived they had very european aspects like grey eyes and they knew how to read. 

       As we can see in the article made by the peoples magazine it stares clearly that the settlers blending in is the strongest theory. "But perhaps the most compelling explanation, and one that is gradually gaining acceptance in the historical and anthropological communities is that the colonists left their outpost to live with, and eventually assimilate into, local Native American communities, especially the nearby Croatoans." it states. Also Dr. Stanley Knick director of the Native American Resource Center at the University of North Carolina says, "It's not unreasonable to think that some of the lot colonists could have been adopted by Native Americans, who often did accept outsiders,". After having all this evidence and more we can see that this theory is the one which is most and better backed up.

        The event of europeans blending in with the Native Americans makes me think about how now a days people cooperate and blend in with people from other parts, race, ethnicity and religion with no problem. For example in CNG there are people from all over the world who believe in different things. But we still work together and learn from each other, to make it a better place (maybe like the Natives and English). This is just a theory and it can't be proven now but maybe in the future we can see if this was correct.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blogpost #6 Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

I think Columbus does deserve a national holiday for himself because of several reasons. First of all I think deserves a national holiday because without him we wouldn't be here. Maybe another explorer would have discovered but the life would be very different. Secondly in the article A People's History of the United States it says that a lot of Natives died but a lot of people said that he killed them all because of various reasons but he didn't kill them all and he didn't start killing them, when he came in his second trip some of his men were killed and then the conflict began but the gold didn't hurt. Also not necessarily every Arawak was killed by spaniards but in the same article it says that, among the Arawaks, mass suicide began. So it was not only because of Spanish killing Arawaks but disease and suicide also did it. I think the People's History of the United States is very important to understand the numbers and how many people died and the reasons why, to understand what really happy. Also the article Honoring Christopher Columbus is very important to look at the other side. The crash course and DBQ were also very useful of the situation in America to see that he did a lot of things correctly. Finally I remember that in primary and elementary school they only thought us that he was good. But even after seeing what were his flaws I think that what he did deserves a Holiday. 

Blogpost #5 Socratic Seminar Reflection

Socratic Seminar Reflection

1. One main idea I got from seminar is that if Columbus would not have lied he wouldn't have been expected to bring so much gold and slaves which lead to a lot of conflict. Another main idea was that if Columbus would have never discovered America were would we be now or would even exist. The last main idea I got from the discussion was that there is evidence for both points of view and that he had some good things and some bad. 

2.  I think the most interesting point I heard in the seminar was Soren's point where he said that he may had been very bad to the Natives and that if he wouldn't had discovered America somebody else would probably had but if it wasn't for him we probably wouldn't be here.

3.  An idea I really disagreed with was Santiago Cortes idea when he said that if Columbus would come back with not so much gold he would be executed. I think this does not make sense because the queen of Spain told him he could go and if he founded something he would have to bring it back to Spain. But if not he wouldn't be executed or treated unfairly. 

4. I think I should get a good grade because I took notes from the articles and made really good open ended questions. During the seminar I contribute to the discussion and when I talked I had strong evidence to support what I said.