Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blogpost #2 DBQ #10

DBQ Question 10

        The face of north america changed a lot in the encounters between europeans and native americans. In the beginning there were a lot more natives than europeans, but at the end it was upside down. You could see that a lot of natives were dying because of conflict or disease. Meanwhile more europeans are moving and colonising north america. You can see the numbers in document ten where it tells you the numbers. In document nine gives you a list of the diseases and some reasons the numbers when down so quickly. It happened when they discovered all america. Colombia was very similar with the numbers and problems with the native americans. Also now a days in the school you can get a virus very easily but a lot less deadly than before.

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  1. Given the amount of evidence you were given to use (Docs A and B, and Docs 1-10), this response is incomplete. The C section (citing of evidence) is just a reference to only one document, but does not give any specific evidence.