Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blogpost #4 Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama

          Vasco da Gama was a portuguese explorer born in Sines, Portugal around 1460. Portugal wanted and always had a dream of reaching Asia by sea. King Manuel 1 chose Vasco da Gama to lead this expedition and he wanted to be the first one to make it. He left Lisbon in July 1497 with  four ships headed towards Africa and after a hard year of sailing and stopping in the coast he arrived at Calicut, India. He was the first person to sail directly from Europe to Asia so of course this made Portugal one of the world powers. In says that Vasco da Gama was welcomed home in Portugal like a hero because he had completed his goal and sailed to Asia by sea. In the same page it says that a lot of his crew including his brother had died because of sicknesses. I think that that article says that he did accomplish his goals. When I was younger my spanish teachers always fought me about Christopher Colombus and nobody else. But now I know that there were a lot more very important explorers including Vasco da Gama who did very important things for the world.

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