Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blogpost #5 Socratic Seminar Reflection

Socratic Seminar Reflection

1. One main idea I got from seminar is that if Columbus would not have lied he wouldn't have been expected to bring so much gold and slaves which lead to a lot of conflict. Another main idea was that if Columbus would have never discovered America were would we be now or would even exist. The last main idea I got from the discussion was that there is evidence for both points of view and that he had some good things and some bad. 

2.  I think the most interesting point I heard in the seminar was Soren's point where he said that he may had been very bad to the Natives and that if he wouldn't had discovered America somebody else would probably had but if it wasn't for him we probably wouldn't be here.

3.  An idea I really disagreed with was Santiago Cortes idea when he said that if Columbus would come back with not so much gold he would be executed. I think this does not make sense because the queen of Spain told him he could go and if he founded something he would have to bring it back to Spain. But if not he wouldn't be executed or treated unfairly. 

4. I think I should get a good grade because I took notes from the articles and made really good open ended questions. During the seminar I contribute to the discussion and when I talked I had strong evidence to support what I said.

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