Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blogpost #6 Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

Does Columbus deserve a national holiday name for him?

I think Columbus does deserve a national holiday for himself because of several reasons. First of all I think deserves a national holiday because without him we wouldn't be here. Maybe another explorer would have discovered but the life would be very different. Secondly in the article A People's History of the United States it says that a lot of Natives died but a lot of people said that he killed them all because of various reasons but he didn't kill them all and he didn't start killing them, when he came in his second trip some of his men were killed and then the conflict began but the gold didn't hurt. Also not necessarily every Arawak was killed by spaniards but in the same article it says that, among the Arawaks, mass suicide began. So it was not only because of Spanish killing Arawaks but disease and suicide also did it. I think the People's History of the United States is very important to understand the numbers and how many people died and the reasons why, to understand what really happy. Also the article Honoring Christopher Columbus is very important to look at the other side. The crash course and DBQ were also very useful of the situation in America to see that he did a lot of things correctly. Finally I remember that in primary and elementary school they only thought us that he was good. But even after seeing what were his flaws I think that what he did deserves a Holiday. 

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