Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blogpost #8 The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Lost Colony of Roanoke

      After reading the article and doing some thinking I realized that the best theory for how the colony disappeared is that the settlers blended in with the Native Americans of that region the Croatoans. Because  of several reasons. First of all when the English came back to Roanoke they only found the word "CROATOAN" (the tribes name) carved on a tree in perfect english. This probably meat that they blended in with the Croatoan's. Also when they arrived they had very european aspects like grey eyes and they knew how to read. 

       As we can see in the article made by the peoples magazine it stares clearly that the settlers blending in is the strongest theory. "But perhaps the most compelling explanation, and one that is gradually gaining acceptance in the historical and anthropological communities is that the colonists left their outpost to live with, and eventually assimilate into, local Native American communities, especially the nearby Croatoans." it states. Also Dr. Stanley Knick director of the Native American Resource Center at the University of North Carolina says, "It's not unreasonable to think that some of the lot colonists could have been adopted by Native Americans, who often did accept outsiders,". After having all this evidence and more we can see that this theory is the one which is most and better backed up.

        The event of europeans blending in with the Native Americans makes me think about how now a days people cooperate and blend in with people from other parts, race, ethnicity and religion with no problem. For example in CNG there are people from all over the world who believe in different things. But we still work together and learn from each other, to make it a better place (maybe like the Natives and English). This is just a theory and it can't be proven now but maybe in the future we can see if this was correct.